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Course Description Type
MIFARE Classic® EV1 and MIFARE Ultralight® family This module includes an introduction to the complete MIFARE product family, information about standards and specifications related to MIFARE products, the basics of symmetrical crypto and security in contactless system design and a detailed technical explanation of MIFARE Classic EV1 and MIFARE Ultralight family features and functionalities. On site
MIFARE DESFire® EV2 This module presents the MIFARE DESFire product family, its evolution and positioning. On site
MIFARE® implementation in wearables and portable devices This module presents a solution based on NXP’s PN66T NFC chipset for simplifying and scaling the deployment of MIFARE services in wearables and portable devices. On site
MIFARE® Plus EV1 This module presents the MIFARE® Plus product family, its evolution and positioning. On site
MIFARE® SAM AV2 This module presents the MIFARE SAM AV2 product and positioning. On site


Course Description Type
NFC Fundamentals (1 day) This 1-day introduction course will help you to understand the basics of this technology, the applications, use cases and key actors in the ecosystem. On site
NFC Introduction (2 days) How can you take advantage of the NFC opportunity and how does this fit your needs and markets? This 2-day introduction course will help you to understand the basics of this technology, the applications, uses cases, security and key actors in the ecosystem. On site

Complete list of webinars


Course Description Presentation recorded session Date
How to develop with NTAG 5 Practical approach session 18.02.202020200218
NTAG 5 PSP Product support package overview 11.02.202020200211
NTAG 5 Product family presentation NTAG 5 Product introduction 04.02.202020200204
How to unleash NFC Connected Tags potential with iOS 13 Discover new opportunities for NFC with Apple’s latest generation of mobile devices 04.10.201920191004
Getting started with EdgeLock™ SE050 support package It simplifies design-in and reduces time to market 03.09.201920190903
EdgeLock™ SE050 product introduction NXP’s New generation product family of Plug & Trust devices to secure the IoT Edge. 27.08.201920190827
Contactless POS certification – Migration to EMVCo 3.0 Overview of the migration phases and explanation of the main changes on the requirements. 23.07.201920190723
Your ultimate guide to designing antennas for the NTAG I2C plus Connected NFC tags such as the NTAG I²C plus are the easiest and most cost-effective solution to add NFC capabilities to almost any device. 25.07.201820180725
Get ahead with NXP’s PN5180 Frontend – Design your POS terminal with EMVCo (L1) certification – Session 2 Introduction to the EMVCo L1 certification process for contactless terminals, including descriptions of test cases and NXP’s product portfolio for POS devices. 17.07.201820180717
Get ahead with NXP’s PN5180 Frontend – Design your POS terminal with EMVCo (L1) certification – Session 1 Introduction to the EMVCo L1 certification process for contactless terminals, including descriptions of test cases and NXP’s product portfolio for POS devices. 28.06.201820180628
Design your NFC Antenna with NXP’s OM29263ADK development kit Learn how you can use the OM29263ADK kit to evaluate the performance of different antenna shapes and to quickly prototype your antenna matching circuit. 21.06.201820180621
Getting started with A71CH product support package Learn how to get started with A71CH and its support package, including an example with i.MX6UltraLite. 26.04.201820180426
A71CH product introduction Get familiar with A71CH key security features, key benefits, use cases and product support package. 24.04.201820180424
Product Support Package for NFC Readers and NFC Connected Tags Find out about our extensive product support package for NFC Readers and NFC Connected Tags and how it helps to design and implement NFC applications faster. 12.04.201820180412
NFC product portfolio Get familiar with our broad portfolio of NFC Readers and NFC Connected Tag solutions. 28.03.201820180328
NFC essentials Learn about the fundamentals of NFC technology as well as relevant standards and specifications in the NFC ecosystem. 22.03.201820180322
NFC applications and use cases Discover the diversity of NFC applications and use cases, including recommended product solutions 15.03.201820180315
NFC for consumables and accessories NFC is a great way to identify and authenticate consumables & accessories in industrial and consumer products 22.02.201820180222
POS terminals and NFC The world of payment is going cashless and money transfer is becoming digital. 05.12.201720171205
Why you will soon see 100‘s of new NFC applications How iOS11 and NXP can boost your business. 24.10.201720171024
How to port the NFC Reader Library to K64F This is the second session of our ‘NFC software integration’ webinar series. 11.10.201720171011
How to integrate NFC controllers in Linux This is the second session of our ‘NFC software integration’ webinar series. 28.09.201720170928
How to integrate NFC frontends in Linux This is the first session of our ‘NFC software integration’ webinar series. 14.09.201720170914
Bluetooth pairing with the NTAG I2C plus kit for Arduino pinout This is the second session of our ‘IoT solution made easy with NFC’ webinar series. 27.07.201720170727
NFC commissioning solution with the NTAG I2C plus kit for Arduino pinout This is the first session of our ‘IoT solution made easy with NFC’ webinar series. 11.07.201720170711
CLRC663 plus – Push your NFC design further NXP next-generation multi-protocol NFC frontend 21.06.201720170621
NFC pairing for audio devices Audio speakers and headphones are becoming wireless, with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as the most popular technologies. NFC is the fast and simple way to associate wireless devices, without creating conflicts. No menus, no waiting. 23.05.201720170523
Device-to-device communication via NFC Does your product include sealed, moving or rotating parts? Do you need to exchange data between two units or devices which cannot be connected with cables? Does your solution need to save battery power or communicate with a batteryless unit or sensor? 09.03.201720170309
Parametrization via NFC Would you like to configure your industrial unit before you actually switch it on? Would you like to exactly set the reset behaviour? Would you like to read out diagnostic data even if the device off power? 21.02.201720170221
NFC use case for industrial applications Near Field Communication (NFC) is the technology used for the non-contact exchange of data over short distances. It enables much more than just well-known applications like ticketing, tagging and payment. 01.12.201620161201
NFC Reader Library – SW support for NFC frontend solutions This is the fourth session of our ‘Design and implement NFC Applications’ webinar series. 31.10.201620161031
NFC Cockpit tool – the complete design tool for engineers This is the third session of our ‘Design and implement NFC Applications’ webinar series. 18.10.201620161018
Antenna design considerations for NXP NFC reader solutions This is the second session of our ‘Design and implement NFC Applications’ webinar series. 28.09.201620160928
Product support package for NXP NFC readers overview This is the first session of our ‘Design and implement NFC Applications’ webinar series. 07.09.201620160907
PN71xx product support package Get started with OM5577 and OM5578 demo kits 20.07.201620160720
PN71xx family presentation Plug’n play  NFC solutions 11.07.201620160711
NXP’s NFC product portfolio This webinar  will guide you through NXP’S NFC product portfolio, helping you to select the best product for your design while highlighting product key features, benefits and support packages. 17.06.201620160617
NFC use cases Join us for a virtual tour through a normal day in anyone’s life to discover how NFC is already simplifying and adding multiple benefits to our lives – today and in the future. 10.06.201620160610
PN7462 product support package OM27462CDK development kit 21.04.201620160421
PN7462 family introduction The PN7462 family offers an all-in-one solution with a microcontroller, full NFC capability, a contact smart card reader, and software – all on a single chip! 13.04.201620160413
NTAG I2C plus – Product support package The OM5569 Explorer kit can be used to interactively demonstrate the unique capabilities of the NTAG I2C plus. 16.03.201620160316
NTAG I2C plus– Your entryway to NFC The NXP NTAG I2C plus is the second-generation of NXP’s connected NFC tags that combines a passive NFC interface with a contact I2C interface. 09.03.201620160309
PN5180 – Product support package Get started with the development kit OM25180FDK 27.01.201620160127
PN5180 Introduction – The best full NFC frontend on the market The best full NFC frontend on the market 13.01.201620160113
Tap-and-play: NFC in gaming In this webinar we dive into how NFC can revolutionize the gaming industry. We present already existing success stories, and introduce innovative use cases and the NXP solutions to enable them. Welcome to NFC’s magical world! 09.12.201520151209
NFC in Android This webinar introduces the main characteristics of the Android operating system. It focuses on NFC technology and the possibilities it offers for both the interaction of mobile devices with NFC-enabled infrastructure and the integration of Android OS in all kind of devices with NFC connectivity. 28.10.201520151028
Smart home NFC commissioning solution In this session, we present how NXP solutions and NFC technology facilitates an easy, flexible, secure and protocol agnostic solution for one-touch network commissioning of our smart home devices. 14.10.201520151014
Security in NFC readers In this webinar we will address how to secure data being exchanged through the NFC interface and prevent unauthorized access to a device. Starting with an introduction to security goals and cryptographic techniques, typical security architectures will be shown along applications like access and IoT. 16.09.201520150916
NXP solutions for Smart Mobility This webinar presents how NXP technology broad RFID portfolio can address and enable current and future smart mobility applications. Whether you require short range or longer range reading distance, NXP can support you with the right product and with the wide network of ecosystem partners. 04.09.201520150904
POS, mPOS and Mobile Payments Introduction to payments, POS and mPOS market, device architecture and certification process, NXP solutions, and mobile-bases proximity payments (Secure Element, tokenization, etc…). 24.07.201520150724
NFC in Linux – Get started with the PN7120 SBC kit Brief introduction to NFC and Linux. Available tools. Quick start guide for the PN7120 NFC Controller Single Board Computing Kit (OM5577/PN7120S) 15.07.201520150715
PN7120 – Best plug’n play full NFC solution Full NFC Forum-compliant PN7120. Features and benefits. Host controller interface and support material 08.07.201520150708
Enhancing everyday products with NFC – Welcome to the Internet of Things In this webinar we address the main advantages of using NFC to tag everyday products and provide them with an identity in the cloud. We show how these NFC tags work.  We describe different ways in which they can enhance the product, and we provide a few examples of real use cases. Finally, we present the main NXP products available for these types of applications. 01.07.201520150701
NFC application – Access control In this webinar we address the main characteristics of NFC access control applications and their most common architectures. We also show the main NXP products and support packages available. 24.04.201520150424
NFC Reader design II – Antenna design considerations NFC antenna theoretical fundamentals, its crucial role in the overall system performance, and how to match it in our NFC reader design. 18.03.201520150318
NFC Reader design I – How to build your own reader Insights and skills to design and build an NFC reader. Main components, how to choose the right reader and microcontroller ICs and the proper architecture for your application with respect to security requirements 11.03.201520150311
NFC Standards Relevant standards and specifications related to the core NFC functionalities. Outline of the main ones for payments, access and transit applications. After the session, participants shall be able to identify and cluster all the different standards and specifications relevant to their field of work for further, deeper exploration. 11.02.201520150211
NFC Essentials First introduction to NFC: the origins and basics, and the new scenarios that the technology opens in the contactless applications domain. Standards, modes of operation and communication protocols. NXP product portfolio for NFC readers. Overview of the new use cases and applications which are unfolding. 04.02.201520150204
NFC application – Consumer Electronics In this webinar we provide insights on how NFC technology can revolutionize a traditional application/industry by enabling new use cases and a complete new experience for the user/service provider. We review market status and trends, all the key NFC use case, the NXP products and solutions, and the design support demoboards and tools. 22.08.201420140822

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