Get to know our evaluation and development tools around UWB technology

MobileKnowledge is the first worldwide provider of a set of evaluation and development tools around UWB TrimensionTM technology from NXP Semiconductors for IoT devices, enabling all kinds of use cases with precise, secure and accurate positioning data of objects in real time.

MK UWB Kit SR150/SR040

The most comprehensive reference design and development platform for UWB-based IoT solutions

If you want to design your UWB solution or integrate UWB connectivity into your existing solution leveraging on NXP TrimensionTM technology the MK UWB Kit SR150/SR040 provides you a complete set of hardware and software tools as well as documentation and support from MobileKnowledge to get you started quickly and accelerate your time to market.

Experience UWB technology with ready-to-run demonstration apps, Arduino-connected development boards and software libraries to start prototyping and developing your own UWB applications with minimum effort.

Take your UWB development experience to the next level with the most complete and powerful UWB development kit in the market!

  • One kit, all UWB use cases:
    • Device to Device: Enable all UWB device-to-device use cases in all your preferred platforms.
    • Mobile to Device: Enable UWB interoperability against Apple® and Android mobile devices thanks to MK UWB Kit Mobile edition 2.0 Software, included in the kit.
    • Indoor positioning: Use UWB for accurate, real-time indoor positioning.
  • Support for multiple host platforms
  • Best-in-class distance & AoA accuracy
  • Off-the-shelf iOS & Android interoperability: Includes all MK UWB Kit Mobile Edition 2.0 software material supporting UWB-enabled Android and iOS devices
  • Powered by Murata world’s smallest UWB module: Thanks to the powerful partnership between MobileKnowledge and Murata, the MK UWB 3D Antenna board now includes Murata Type 2BP, the world’s smallest UWB module
  • UWB Tag SR040, featuring NXP’s UWB chipset Trimension SR040 and a BLE-enabled MCU
  • MK UWB Shield + MK UWB 3D Antenna board, a fully integrated solution based on pre-certified module SR150 supporting 3D position information
  • HW design files for UWB Tag SR040 and for SR150 antenna board
  • MK UWB Library exposing a simple to use but powerful API that abstracts both Bluetooth LE and UWB HW
  • Full set of documents to help you getting started with the UWB technology using the MK UWB Kit SR150/SR040 hardware and software content.
  • 1st line support on kit content and use cases

Check details at: MK UWB Kit SR150/SR040

MK UWB Kit Mobile edition 2.0

Evaluate UWB interoperability with Apple® and Android™ mobile devices

Kick-start the design of your innovative applications by leveraging on the sample iOS and Android applications developed by MobileKnowledge and unleash UWB ability to create more precise, spatial-aware application experiences.

Ready for evaluation of Apple’s Nearby Interaction framework with 3rd party accessories.

  • Experience how to establish a UWB ranging session between a UWB-enabled Apple® or AndroidTM smartphone and a UWB anchor or UWB tag based on NXP’s TrimensionTM UWB IoT ICs
  • Leverage on the background operation mode for mobile devices to build hands-free interactions with nearby smart objects.
  • Obtain the MK UWB Connect application source code for Apple® or AndroidTM devices as well as the reference source code for SR150 UWB Anchor and SR040 UWB Tag software to interoperate against mobile devices.
  • Receive exclusive support from MobileKnowledge to accelerate the evaluation and development of UWB technology-based solutions.

Check details at: MK UWB Mobile edition 2.0


The reference design and development platform for indoor UWB RTLS solutions based on TDoA.

TDoA can be used to determine a device position by measuring the time it takes for a UWB signal to be received at several fixed anchor devices placed in the monitored environment.

Experience firsthand the numerous advantages of UWB for real-time positioning and use the tools and examples included in the kit to kick-start the development of your own RTLS solution based on NXP’s TrimensionTM UWB ICs.

Experience how to track one or more UWB-enabled tags using fixed anchor devices leveraging on TDoA-based real-time positioning and leverage on our software demo to experience first-hand the capabilities of the technology.

  • MK UWB Anchor RTLS, as the back bone infraestructure of the RTLS system to track UWB tag devices
  • UWB Tag SR040, acting as tracked devices in the RTLS infraestructure
  • MK UWB RTLS demo collects the TDoA data from the anchors and executes the multilateration algorithm to compute the real time location of the tracked devicce.

Check details at: MK UWB Kit RTLS

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