Experience the UWB technology and learn how to implement an indoor Real Time Location System (RTLS) using Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA) multilateration technique

Experience firsthand the numerous advantages of UWB for real-time positioning and use the tools and examples included in the kit to kick-start the development of your own RTLS solution based on NXP’s TrimensionTM UWB ICs.

With the MK UWB Kit RTLS:

  • Experience how to track one or more UWB-enabled tags using fixed anchor devices leveraging on TDoA-based real-time positioning. The MK UWB RTLS demo software allows you to experience first-hand the capabilities of the technology.
  • Kick-start the design of your own UWB RTLS solutions by leveraging on the hardware and software examples provided with the kit.

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