Evaluate UWB interoperability with Apple® and Android™ mobile devices


The first evaluation kit offering UWB interoperability against Apple® and AndroidTM mobile devices.

Kick-start the design of your innovative applications by leveraging on the sample iOS and Android applications developed by MobileKnowledge and unleash UWB ability to create more precise, spatial-aware application experiences.

UWB technology is rapidly expanding into the IoT ecosystem.

Smartphones play a significant role in driving the adoption of UWB in the IoT ecosystem as they make the technology intuitive and accessible to a broad user base.

Get ahead of this trend and start evaluating how NXP's UWB TrimensionTM technology interacts with UWB-enabled Apple® and AndroidTM devices.

With the MK UWB Kit Mobile edition 2.0:

  • Experience how to establish a UWB ranging session between a UWB-enabled Apple® or AndroidTM smartphone and a UWB anchor or UWB tag based on NXP's TrimensionTM UWB IoT ICs
  • Leverage on the background operation mode for mobile devices to build hands-free interactions with nearby smart objects.
  • Obtain the MK UWB Connect application source code for Apple® or AndroidTM devices as well as the reference source code for SR150 UWB Anchor and MK UWB Tag software to interoperate against mobile devices.
  • Receive exclusive support from MobileKnowledge to accelerate the evaluation and development of UWB technology-based solutions.


The MK UWB Tag provides accurate positioning capabilities in an extra small form factor. It is Ideally suited for low-power applications thanks to Murata’s Type 2DK, an all-in-one UWB + Bluetooth® LE combo module which integrates NXP Trimension™ SR040 UWB Chipset:

  • Integrating Murata Type 2DK UWB Module
  • Fully integrated solution based on Trimension SR040™ supporting low power operation
  • Extra small form factor , ideally suited for portable UWB devices:
    • 3.5 cm x 4.6 cm x 1.1 cm (with debug connector)
    • 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm x 1.1 cm (without debug connector)
  • Peripherals to customize your use case: accelerometer, secure element, buzzer, LED, button.
  • Coin-cell battery operation, providing more than 9 months battery lifetime
  • Compatible with all SR040 software (MK UWB Kit software and NXP UWB IoT middleware)
  • Reference hardware design files available for the acceleration of your design and development activities
  • Compact casing design available

Murata Type 2DK UWB SR040 Module

Murata Type 2DK is an all-in-one UWB + Bluetooth® LE combo module which integrates NXP Trimension™ SR040 UWB Chipset, NXP QN9090 Bluetooth® LE MCU, on board antenna and peripheral components. Ideally suited for UWB Tag/Tracker which operates by coin-cell battery, and general IoT devices.

This UWB Module regroups all the functionalities needed to implement a power-optimized UWB tag (Bluetooth LE, UWB, antennas).

Simplify you UWB tag design with this all-in-one module from Murata!

MK UWB 3D Antenna board

UWB Module-compatible PCB that can be easily connected to the MK UWB Shield 2 supporting 3D Angle of Arrival measurements.

Ready-to-use solution that features three PCB antennas, enabling ranging, 2D, and 3D Angle of Arrival measurements as well as TDoA.
It can be easily connected to MK UWB Shield 2 and 1v3 using the board pin headers. Specific software and documentation is provided.

Now integrating Murata Type 2BP UWB Module!

Murata Type 2BP UWB SR150 Module

Murata Type2BP is the world’s smallest UWB module and includes NXP's SR150 UWB chipset. It is FiRa certified and is ideally suited for deployment in both larger infrastructures (indoor positioning anchors) and in consumer products and general IoT devices with battery operation.

This UWB Module regroups the core functionality of the UWB solution (clocks, filters, switches and passive components). Compatible with secure UWB ranging, 2D & 3D Angle of Arrival, and TDoA. Suitable for Anchor devices.

MK UWB Shield 2

Flexible platform to develop customized UWB systems. As the central part of the UWB Kit, it is used as the interface between the UWB module and external devices. It can also be plugged to any external host thanks to its Arduino-compatible expansion headers.

MK UWB Shield 2 gives support for FiRa-compliant secure ranging through SE051W.

Reference Software

MK UWB Connect application

The MK UWB Connect application is available in Appstore and Play Store and is delivered as source code as part of the kit. These applications will be continuously maintained and improved by MobileKnowledge.

The iOS application implements the Nearby Interaction Protocol supporting background operation for hands-free spatial awareness experiences.

The Android application implements MobileKnowledge Out of Band protocol through Bluetooth LE for discovery and initialization of UWB ranging session through Android UWB Jetpack libraries.

App icon

Anchor-to-Mobile Software

The Anchor-to-Mobile software allows you to interoperate an NXP TrimensionTM SR150 Anchor against multiple Apple or Android UWB enabled devices simultaneously. It is delivered as source code as part of the kit.

Tag-to-Mobile Software

The Tag-to-Mobile software allows you to interoperate an NXP TrimensionTM SR040 Tag against multiple Apple or Android UWB enabled devices simultaneously. It is delivered as source code as part of the kit.

Please visit Apple Developer site to obtain additional references on Apple’s Nearby Interaction Framework. 

Please visit Android developer site to obtain additional references on UWB Jetpack libraries.

Want to do more?

MK UWB Kit SR150/SR040

The MK UWB Kit SR150/SR040 is the most comprehensive reference design and development platform for UWB-based IoT solutions.

Leverage on UWB technology advanced functionalities and benefit from NXP TrimensionTM SR150 and TrimensionTM SR040 UWB IC capabilities.

Take your UWB development experience to the next level with the most complete and powerful UWB development kit in the market.

With the MK UWB Kit SR150/040, you will:

  • Obtain access to all possible UWB use cases (device-to-device DSTWR, unicast/multicast, data transfer), mobile-to-device use cases, indoor positioning based on TDoA
  • Support for multiple host platforms (off-the-shelf reference software for NXP QN9090, Nordic nRF52840 and Linux-based hosts)
  • The kit includes MK UWB Kit Mobile Edition 2.0 software and documentation
  • Best-in-class distance & AoA accuracy
  • Powered by Murata world's smallest UWB module

MK UWB Engineering services

Long-standing expertise in UWB technology to help you reduce your time to market and focus on your own UWB solution development:

  • UWB technology consulting and support services: Guidance on use case definition and system integration, system architecture, software requirements, Q&A resolution, FIRA related process and use cases,…
  • Development of customized UWB use cases: embedded software development, mobile application software development, back-end integration, system integration,…
  • Design and development of customized antenna board based on customer requirements and constraints in order to optimize ranging and AoA measurements
  • Porting of MK UWB SDK into a customer platform, enabling MK UWB SDK software tools and functionalities on any customer platform that meets the SDK requirements
  • Licensing of MK UWB Library, for an easy integration of UWB technology while accelerating the time to market

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