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Add NFC technology to your wearable…
and turn your device into a payment, transport, loyalty, or access card

nfc wearables smart watch

Adding NFC technology to wearables implies strong expertise and knowledge of several topics such as:

  • Antenna design and tuning
  • Layout optimization
  • Power management
  • NFC software stack implementation
  • End2end system integration

From requirements definition to prototyping, our expert team will guide you through the design process, including EMVco and MIFARE® certification and the different secure applications provisioning strategies.

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Sleek design for multiple NFC-secure applications geared to wearable devices manufacturers.

Wearable, your personal wallet, as simple as A-B-C

The integration of contactless secure applications with wearable devices is a very significant new business opportunity for hardware and service providers’. Pedro Martínez, MobileKnowledge CEO, at Dallas NFC Forum.

Now your wearable is your wallet!

The easiest way to develop, provision, and manage any kind of secure NFC wearable. Watch the video about NXP’s Secure NFC Wearable technology, and the Secure Services Development Platform Kit.

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