For FiRaTM Consortium PHY/MAC interoperability testing


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Product brief

The Trimension SR040 IOP reference device v1 is an autonomous, battery powered UWB device that features Trimension SR040 and QN9090 (a Bluetooth LE-enabled micro controller).

Together with the UART to USB converter, it can be used as the SR040 reference device for FiRaTM Consortium PHY/MAC interoperability testing.


1x Trimension SR040 IOP reference device v1

Preloaded software for FiRaTM interoperability testing

1x UART to USB converter

1x USB to mini b cable (4 pins)

Want to do more?

MK UWB Kit SR150/SR040

The MK UWB Kit SR150/SR040 is the most comprehensive reference design and development platform for UWB-based IoT solutions.

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MK UWB Engineering services

Long-standing expertise in UWB technology to help you reduce your time to market and focus on your own UWB solution development:

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  • Design and development of customized antenna board based on customer requirements and constraints in order to optimize ranging and AoA measurements
  • Porting of MK UWB SDK into a customer platform, enabling MK UWB SDK software tools and functionalities on any customer platform that meets the SDK requirements
  • Licensing of MK UWB Library, for an easy integration of UWB technology while accelerating the time to market


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