MK UWB Kit SR150/SR040 – Experience the UWB technology

MK UWB Kit SR150/SR040

MobileKnowledge is pleased to announce the release of the new MK UWB Kit SR150/SR040, a set of hardware, software tools and documentation to prototype your UWB – based solution(s) and accelerate the time to market. Leverage on UWB technology advanced functionalities and benefit from NXP TrimensionTM SR150 and SR040 UWB IC capabilities.

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MK101 Solution for Covid-19 Post Pandemic World

The new challenges that our world is facing because of covid-19 disease prompt new waves to securely store person’s health related information without compromising individual’s privacy. The MK101 positions as the ideal solution for users and third parties to securely link person’s identity to health status while protecting the privacy and rights of citizens.

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Payment Everywhere

MobileKnowledge launches its Payment Everywhere vision: turn your NFC product, wearable or personal accessory, into a contactless payment device.

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