MobileKnowledge launches its Payment Everywhere vision: turn your NFC product, wearable or personal accessory, into a contactless payment device.

Payment Everywhere: all required, off-the-shelf ingredients by MobileKnowledge for the launch of your NFC-enabled product as a contactless payment device

MobileKnowledge, an expert engineering company in contactless and secure applications, presents its whole suite of Payment Everywhere products and services to support the launch of your wearable as a payment device.

Get rid of main economic and technological barriers and improve your TTM by relying on MobileKnowledge wide expertise in HW and SW secure NFC integration into wearables

Choose what you need to complement your expertise and competences:

  • Payment credentials digitization platform
    Full integration of NXP’s mWallet 2GO wallet management service. This provides a single interface towards the multiple payment tokenization platforms supporting the bank of choice
  • Mobile phone companion app
    An Android and iOS white label platform as the user interface on the mobile phone for the digitization of the payment credential
  • MK101, a full HW and SW reference device and development platform
    Plug & Play Secure NFC+BLE core reference design, complemented with a ready-to-expand development platform, designed for manufacturing, EMVCo pre-certified, pre-integrated with NXP’s mWallet 2GO service
  • EMVCo device optimization and pre-certification
    In-house test bench and optimization laboratory for EMVco L1 requirements
    Final certification support
  • “À la carte” engineering support
    HW, FW and SW engineering for your wearable device and companion mobile phone application
    Antenna design for EMVco compliance
    CD-CVM strategy and design (Consumer Device – Cardholder Verification Method)
    Power consumption optimization

“I believe we are at another important turn in making a reality of the first vision-promise of NFC: your connected wearable as your payment card” says Pedro Martinez, founder and CEO of MobileKnowledge. “Contactless interaction with the Point-of-Sales terminals, convenient at the gesture of the hand, quick and secure, as an unstoppable trend.”

“NXP’s mWallet 2GO is designed to ease development, reduce cost, and accelerate time to market for OEMs to add mobile payment capability to any wearable and mobile device” says Gregor Klezin, Director of Secure Cloud Services at NXP Semiconductors. “MobileKnowledge completes the solution offering as a trusted partner for NXP’s mWallet 2GO design, integration and service operation support.”

About MobileKnowledge

MobileKnowledge is a team of HW, SE and system engineers, experts in smart, connected and secure technologies for the IoT world. Your ideal engineering consultant for any specific support in connection with your IoT and NFC developments. We design and develop secure HW systems, embedded FW, mobile phone and secure cloud applications.

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