Ready-to-use UWB Anchor for accurate 3D positioning data

The MK UWB SR150 Anchor 3D is a highly accurate and precise 3D positioning device. It is FiRa certified and leverages on NXP TrimensionTM SR150 technology. This makes it ideally suited for deployment in larger infrastructures, such as indoor positioning systems, as well as in consumer products and general IoT devices. The device is particularly beneficial for battery-operated applications due to integrated Murata Type 2BP module.

Key features:

  1. Integration with Murata Type 2BP UWB module: the MK UWB SR150 Anchor 3D incorporates the world’s smallest UWB module, leveraging on FiRa certified NXP Trimension SR150TM
  2. Highly accurate 3D positioning: Delivers precise 3D positioning data, and performs exceptionally well in indoor and challenging environments
  3. Compatibility: it is fully compatible with all SR150 software, including MK UWB Kit software and NXP UWB IoT middleware. It supports a wide range of use cases
  4. Customizable peripherals: It includes a secure element for enhanced security, and is equipped with LED indicators and three buttons for various customizations
  5. Battery powered operation: designed for efficient battery use, making it suitable for portable and remote applications
  6. Reference hardware design files available to speed up your design and development processes
  7. Easy connection to host platforms, such as Nordic nRF52840 DK (through Arduino header) and Raspberry Pi (through Shield to Pi connector board)
  8. Custom casing is available on demand to fit specific application needs


  • Indoor positioning systems: Ideal for deployment in large infraestructures needing precise indoor location tracking
  • Consumer electronics: It can be integrated into consumer devices requiring accurate positioning data
  • IoT Devices: Suitable for a variety of IoT applications, particularly those dependent on battery power and precise location services

Comprehensive solution for advanced positioning, offering a blend of cutting-edge technology, customizable features, and versatile connectivity options to support a wide range of applications

MK UWB SR150 Anchor 3D in detail

MK UWB Shield 2

The MK UWB Shield 2 is a flexible and versatile development platform designed to create customized UWB systems. It serves as the central interface, bridging the UWB module with external devices.

The MK UWB Shield 2 supports NXP TrimensionTM SR150 UWB module, utilizing the MK UWB 3D Antenna board for enhanced functionality.

Key features:

  • Embedded wireless microcontroller: QN9090, Arm® Cortex® M4, supporting Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0, and open for customer applications (>100KB of memory available).
  • Secure ranging: It includes SE051W to ensure secure ranging use case compliant with FiRa specifications.
  • Arduino compatible interface: a simple switch allows control of the UWB module with and external MCU

MK UWB 3D Antenna board

The MK UWB 3D Antenna board is a UWB Module-compatible PCB that can be easily connected to the MK UWB Shield 2, supporting 3D Angle of Arrival measurements.

Key features:

  • Compatibility and connectivity: easily connects to the MK UWB Shield 2 using board pin headers, and supports 3D Angle of Arrival measurements
  • Ready-to-Use solution: it includes UWB SR150 Module with 3 PCB antennas, enabling ranging, 2D, and 3D Angle of Arrival measurements as well as Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA).
  • Integrating Murata Type 2BP UWB Module

The MK UWB 3D Antenna board offers a robust and user-friendly solution for implementing precise UWB-based positioning and ranging applications

Production ready software, reference hardware design files, and up-to-date documentation to enable you to focus on your own application and use case leveraging on UWB technology.

Want to do more?

MK UWB Engineering services

Long-standing expertise in UWB technology to help you reduce your time to market and focus on your own UWB solution development:

  • Development of customized UWB use cases: Embedded software development, mobile application software development, back-end integration, system integration,…
  • UWB technology consulting and support services: Guidance on use case definition and system integration, system architecture, software requirements, Q&A resolution, FIRA related process and use cases,…
  • Design and development of customized antenna board based on customer requirements and constraints in order to optimize ranging and AoA measurements
  • Porting of MK UWB Software into a customer platform, enabling MK UWBS Software, tools and functionalities on any customer platform that meets the MK UWBS requirements
  • Licensing of MK UWB Software, for an easy integration of UWB technology while accelerating the time to market


MobileKnowledge is a team of HW, SW and system engineers, experts in smart, connected and secure technologies for the Mobile, IoT and automotive ecosystems.

We are your ideal engineering consultant for any specific support in connection with your secure NFC, UWB, Secure IoT, Automotive and Functional Safety developments. We provide consultancy, design and development services for HW systems, embedded FW, mobile phone applications and secure cloud solutions, leveraging on smart, connected and secure technologies.

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