MobileKnowledge is pleased to announce the release of the MK101 Solution, a highly integrated and cost-optimized white label platform to digitize any secure NFC services

The MK101 Solution is a whole suite of products and services designed to support the development of your “wearable as your personal wallet”.

  • Ready for manufacturing and volume deployment. It can be used as is, adapted to your preferred form factor, or as the qualified basis for your next electronic design and device development of your own wearable functionality.
  • A reference design and development platform with secure NFC and BLE functionalities, combined with an additional plug board for developing additional features such as fingerprint, display, sensors or LTE connectivity amongst others.
  • A pre-integrated platform with selected service providers and their wallet server platforms (payment and closed-loop applications).
  • A mobile phone Android and iOS white label wallet application, for users to manage their digital credentials on their secure wearable device.
  • An expert engineering team for an “à-la-carte” support during the specification, design, development and integration stages.

No doubt that extending the value of a piece of a personal wearable by allowing it to be used as a payment or access device is widely recognized. Adding a new experience to a traditional accessory or jewelry item is attractive to new generations and becomes an additional piece of key marketing differentiation to conventional wearable manufacturers.

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