French EMV software specialist, Alcinéo, and Spanish experts in smart, connected and secure technologies, MobileKnowledge, are working together to offer high-level, quality services to smart payment terminal providers.

MobileKnowledge provides expert engineering support and consultancy services for the EMV PCD Level 1 Type Approval process and allows terminal vendors to debug and validate their product in compliance with EMV Contactless specifications. MobileKnowledge expertise in contactless hardware, contactless antenna design and performance optimization will allow terminal vendors to accelerate their time to market while reducing the overall product development cost.

Alcinéo specializes in the development of a full suite of embedded payment software, which is fully compliant with EMV contact and contactless specifications. Alcinéo also provides state-of-the-art support during product certification processes.

This close collaboration allows smart payment solution providers to benefit from continuous support during their product lifecycle: antenna design and evaluation, level 2 kernels implementation, pre-evaluation and testing, and custom support during terminal type approval.

Alcinéo and MobileKnowledge, together, allow terminal manufacturers to seamlessly achieve EMV compliance for complex setups and accelerate their time to market.

About Alcinéo

Alcinéo is a French software company specialized in the development of embedded solutions implementing smartcard technologies and security. It provides leading-edge solutions that meet EMV Chip & PIN requirements, and its payment kernels cover the main payment brand specificities. Alcinéo helps smart card reader manufacturers face multiple challenges in producing next-generation devices, enabling them to shorten their time to market while delivering state-of-the-art technology. For further information, visit

About MobileKnowledge

MobileKnowledge is a team of HW, SW and system engineers, experts in smart, connected and secure technologies for the IoT world. It is your ideal engineering consultant for any specific support in connection with your IoT and NFC developments. MobileKnowledge designs and develops secure HW systems, embedded FW, mobile phone and secure cloud applications. Its services include: Secure Hardware design, Embedded software development, NFC antenna design and evaluation, NFC Wearables, EMV L1 pre-certification support, Mobile and cloud application development, and Secure e2e system design. For further information, visit

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