Evaluate UWB interoperability with Apple® and Android™ mobile devices

We are happy to announce that we have launched the MK UWB Kit Mobile edition 2.0, the first evaluation kit offering UWB interoperability against Apple® and AndroidTM mobile devices.

UWB technology is rapidly expanding into the IoT ecosystem, and smartphones play a significant role in driving this adoption. Get ahead of this trend and start evaluating how NXP’s UWB TrimensionTM technology interacts with UWB-enabled Apple® and  AndroidTM devices. Featuring the NXP TrimensionTM SR150 and TrimensionTM SR040 UWB ICs, the “MK UWB Kit Mobile Edition 2.0” evaluation kit by MobileKnowledge allows designers to experience how to establish a UWB-enabled Apple® or AndroidTM smartphone and a UWB anchor or UWB tag.

Kick-start the design of your innovative applications by leveraging on the sample iOS and Android applications developed by MobileKnowledge and unleash UWB ability to create more precise, spatial-aware application experiences.

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