Expert support to apply, test and certify your mobile product for VISA Mobile Proximity Payments

Visa mandates vendors willing to offer Visa-branded payments to their customers to go through the Visa Mobile Proximity Payment certification. The goal of this certification process is to verify that the mobile product complies with all required EMVCo and Visa contactless specifications, and Visa testing requirements.

Visa oversees testing of mobile proximity payment products that will be used to conduct Visa payment transactions to ensure that they comply with Visa, EMVCo and GlobalPlatform specifications and requirements. This applies, but is not limited, to Secure Elements, Mobile Handsets, Mobile Wearable Products and Combinations of Secure Elements and Mobile Products.

To reduce the duplication of testing for vendors, Visa’s program utilizes testing and certification programs offered by EMVCo and GlobalPlatform. This way, vendors that are using certified NFC Chipsets and that are already EMVCo Level 1 approved should only focus on the VISA Testing.

MobileKnowledge provides expert support during the entire Visa testing submission process and the testing requirements for mobile proximity payment products including the development of the required mobile applications for mobile and wearable products.

Accelerate your time to market and reduce the Visa certification costs thanks to our expertise

Visa Security testing is required for mobile and wearable products hosting the VMPA applet into the Secure Element. The objective of this testing is to determine whether the secure element is vulnerable to known attacks. Most of the time the Visa Security testing will be covered by the NFC Chipset parent product integrated by the vendor and should not be required by Visa.

Visa Application testing is required for mobile and wearable products that will be used to conduct Visa-branded transactions. RF performance will not be assessed during the Visa Transaction testing, this is already verified in the EMVCo Level 1 certification process, but the certification lab will be focused on Visa Level 2 kernel validation.

MobileKnowledge is the ideal partner to support you through the entire VISA Testing certification approval process.

  • Initial Stage: MobileKnowledge will support you in the submission of the Approval Services Mobile Product Questionnaire to VISA approval services. Once submitted, VISA will notify the vendor with the testing requirements through the Approval Services Testing Agreement (ASTA). For those OEMs using SE platforms already certified by VISA, it is expected that only VMPA transaction testing will be required.
  • Testing Stage: MobileKnowledge will support you both in the personalization of the vendor wearable devices – uploading of the VMPA applet in the Secure Element – and the preparation of the VISA forms required by the certification lab for the VISA Testing.
    • Visa Mobile Contactless Payment Specification Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS) for VMPA
    • Single Production Batch Confirmation Form
    • Exhibit A – Request for Testing Services
    • EMVCo test assessment or Letter of Approval

In this phase, MobileKnowledge will support the Certification lab with any issue that might occur during the VMPA Testing debugging and testing phases.

  • Submission Stage: MobileKnowledge will support you in submitting the VISA Testing results shared by the Certification Lab to VISA Approval services.
  • Review Stage: MobileKnowledge will support you in reviewing the Compliance Letter shared by VISA Approval services to confirm that the certification process has been successfully completed.

As the result of the successful Visa Testing completion, Visa will release to the vendor the Compliance Letter that confirms Visa’s determination that the product complies with its specifications and that the product is suitable for inclusion into Visa’s Compliant Product List. The compliance recognition is valid for 3 years from the product compliance recognition date.

Visa mandates the vendor applying for the Mobile Proximity Payments certification to provide a handset with a validated Visa Test Tool Interface Application (Visa TTIA) to the Certification Lab for the Testing Stage. The Visa TTIA application must provide the Certification Lab with the means for the interface switching and APDU exchange between the Visa Test Script Execution Tool (VTSET) and the Mobile or Wearable product. MobileKnowledge can support you with the development and testing of the VISA TTIA application.

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