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NFC Antenna Design

NFC is simple in concept but in reality it’s a very sophisticated technology.

NFC relies on near field induction as a communication media and uses resonant analog circuits to provide efficient power and data transfer. As such, NFC communication can only succeed when antennas function effectively. One of the major challenges of integrating NFC into a product system is having confidence that the antenna performance will meet the application requirements. When integrating an antenna, size, shape, and material selection are critical aspects in the design-in process.

Finding a proper trade-off between antenna size and performance requires specialized knowledge and real hands-on experience.

We bring simplicity to the complex NFC antenna tuning and RF performance optimization tasks.

We understand that every company is different and some have more expertise than others. We fill in the gaps in the entire NFC implementation process, from the basic idea all the way to the workable solution.

Concentrate your efforts on differentiating your design and building an outstanding solution for your customers. Meanwhile, we utilize our expertise in the RF and antenna design field to ensure a robust RF performance for your design.

We have all our knowledge in-house. Our team of specialists offers a wide variety of support services, such as:

  • choosing the right antenna for your purpose
  • conducting antenna optimization and debugging tasks
  • testing and qualification activities
  • signal waveform validation
  • reader IC settings configuration
  • developing tailor-made antennas
  • device pre-certification for ISO/IEC14443 and EMVCo compliancy

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