Introducing our MK UWB SR150 Anchor 3D and MK UWB Tag - now available globally!

We are thrilled to announce that our cutting-edge MK UWB SR150 Anchor 3D and MK UWB Tag are now available for purchase worldwide!

What’s Included:

  • Comprehensive Documentation: Get started quickly with our reference documentation and hardware design files.
  • Latest UWB MW Software from NXP: Ensure a seamless setup and evaluation of the technology with the latest software.

Our customers have requested that this become available and we believe that UWB technology has now reached a stage of maturity where our products can be useful and companies worldwide can benefit from them without requiring our support.

Why choose our products?

  • MK UWB SR150 Anchor 3D
    • State-of-the-Art Technology: Equipped with Murata’s Type 2BP, the world’s smallest UWB module.
    • Unmatched Precision: Best-in-class distance and angle-of-arrival accuracy, supporting precise 3D positioning.
    • Versatile Design: Available with a compact casing to elevate your solutions.
    • Global Availability: Purchase now and enhance your positioning solutions.
      Find more information on our MK UWB SR150 Anchor 3D product website here.
  • MK UWB Tag
    • Advanced Integration: Features Murata’s Type 2DK, an all-in-one UWB + Bluetooth® LE combo module based on NXP Trimension™ SR040.
    • Ultra-Compact Form Factor: Perfect for portable devices with coin-cell battery operation.
    • Sleek and Functional: Comes with a compact casing for enhanced usability.
      Find more information on our MK UWB Tag product website here.

Experience the future of UWB technology with our MK UWB SR150 Anchor 3D and MK UWB Tag – precision, innovation, and global availability at your fingertips.

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