MobileKnowledge started more than three years ago, working on the deployment and validation of Loader Service technology for NFC-based payments

Loader Service technology invented by NXP was developed to allow the simplified deployment and management of secure services on the Secure Element (SE). Thanks to Loader Service, the complexity of such deployment is simplified by eliminating the need to have a Secure Element Issuer Trusted Service Manager (SEI TSM) entity to manage the SE content. The success of Loader Service has been such that it has been standardized under SEMS (Secure Element Management Service) by GlobalPlatform ( – amendment I of Card specs) and adopted by all Payment Network Operators (PNO) tokenization platforms.

In recent years, MobileKnowledge has strongly contributed to validate the technology and build the first proof of concepts and commercial products that demonstrate the simplicity of Loader Service technology. MobileKnowledge has been a key contributor to the deployment of the first wearable-based NFC payment solutions such as Fitbit Pay or Garmin Pay, early adopters of technology that will pave the way for more to come. Our expertise in Secure Element technology and know-how around e2e service deployment, Loader Service solution and NFC integration into wearable technology has been fundamental to validate the technology and successfully complete the integration steps required. The first key application where Loader Service technology was evaluated was NFC-based payments. Thanks to the tokenization platforms that PNOs had deployed (Mastercard – MDES, Visa – VTS) and the use of Loader Service, it was demonstrated that deploying an NFC payment card on a Secure Element was highly simplified. The PNO distributes Loader Service scripts that allow the creation of blank payment cards on the Secure Element that are later personalized following the traditional Service Provider TSM (SP TSM) approach for the card digitization process. The process is secured by using standard PKI cryptography to guarantee that PNOs can securely obtain Security Domain keys to build the personalization script.

A key component in the integration of Loader Service by Service Providers, OEMs and PNO was the SSDP kit ( ), which was built and developed to meet that purpose. Simple and universal access to the Secure Element will generate a pull effect from Service Providers and boost the demand of NFC-based services.

To complete the whole picture, a payment wallet server platform shall be integrated between the device supporting NFC and the tokenization platforms from PNOs. NXP has recently announced mWallet 2GO ( which is a turnkey solution that allows us to add NFC payments capabilities to any platform using NXP NFC technology. Again, MobileKnowledge plays a key role as it is in charge of the complete end2end integration and validation of the solution, from ensuring that the mobile application is fully integrated against NXP mWallet 2GO platform up to verifying that the integration against Mastercard MDES and VISA VTS tokenization platforms is completed and approved.

We are ready to support adding NFC-based payments to your products and solutions.

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