Counterfeit goods are currently a worldwide problem. Pirate products cause increased losses to businesses everywhere, but it is not just a question of money.

The acquisition of non-original products may also lead to safety and health problems; for example, in the case of obtaining a product in disrepair. NFC tags based on unique, non-modifiable identifiers and cryptographic features appear not only as a powerful, effective and economical protection against fraud, but as a way of simplifying costs for logistics such as stock control, guaranteed services and market statistics.

The NFC Authentication framework

The Mobile Knowledge has created a simple and reliable solution that offers accurate information about the reliability of our purchases. This is done by simply placing the NFC-enabled smartphone near the smart tag contained in the packaging or in the product.  Both customer and merchant benefit from this solution.  Customers may check the originality and quality of purchased products while merchants guarantee that their products are not copied by forgers.

How it works

The NFC Authentication framework developed by The Mobile Knowledge consists of two elements: an Android application for user interaction and a web application for management purposes.  The NFC Authentication framework is based on asymmetric cryptography features of the NXP NTAG21x family for the tag verification and the uniqueness of the tag UID for the product authentication in the back-end server database.  It is a fast and intuitive way of ensuring product originality.

Moreover, the developed framework allows merchants to obtain realtime statistics on the products being consulted.  They can then combine the authentication functionality with marketing offers and loyalty applications which can be triggered by the mobile phone.

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