As of May 23rd, MobileKnowledge has effectively become an associated member of Calypso Networks Association

Calypso is a set of technical specifications describing a fast and secure contactless transaction between a terminal and a portable device. Calypso was born in the early nineties, when several transport operators and authorities in Europe were facing the issue of renewing their existing ticketing systems, based on paper or magnetic ticket technologies. The Contactless Pass smartcard was created and adapted to many markets, including public transport. In 1995, a group of European transport operators and authorities from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Portugal decided to join efforts to develop this solution on a larger scale. They developed it for different environments and different needs, and with the philosophy of an open technology for all portable devices required to operate fast, secure and reliable public transport ticketing systems. The results of this cooperation were EU finance R&D programs, Calypso (1998-2000), among others.

Nowadays, Calypso technology is largely deployed on a global scale for public transport contactless ticketing systems. Following the enormous success of the Calypso concept and its widespread use throughout the world, Calypso Networks Association (CNA) was created in 2003 to federate Calypso users, enabling them to drive and manage the future enhancement of the technology.

With this important milestone, MobileKnowledge is now adding Calypso technology to its engineering services and is ready to support and develop contactless ticketing technologies for the vast majority of cities worldwide. We can also support you in adding Calypso functionality to any NFC-secure element based device, such as our Connected Device or MK100 Ring!

Please contact us for more information.

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