We are proud to inform we have been nominated by NXP as MIFARE® Accredited Training Partner.

This is the result of our long lasting dedication to MIFARE® system solutions. Amongst some of our contributions we could highlight the creation of the MIFARE® Discover User Manual, the development of NXPs “TagWriter” application based on the MIFARE® SDK, the creation of the MIFARE® in Mobile System Training 1.0. On the training front, we’ve delivered in the last 3 years on-site trainings for more than 250 companies and 400 participants in US, Latam and Europe, with an average evaluation of 4,6 out of 5. In addition, we are now running a selection of webinar sessions like the recent MIFARE®4Mobile or the upcoming MIFARE® SDK ones.

For more information: eric.leroux@themobileknowledge.com

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