NFC technology has now been widely adopted by manufacturers and developers, the recent Apple Pay announcement being only the last of the many connected to the NFC space.

But, already back in 2007, Pedro Martinez founded the company Avant Studio, a technical services company in the semicondutors and electronics industry, expert in all identification related trechnologies such as NFC, secure microcontrollers, MIFARE®, RFID tags and labels, reader ICs and authentication ICs.

A trusted partner of NXP Semiconductors (the inventors of NFC back in 2002), Avant Studio launch a new division called MobileKnowledge in 2012. MobileKnowledge expand the companies expertise into HW and SW system design and engineering services, focusing on the exploding contactless markets and technologies -including NFC and the mobile-related applications in a wide variety of application areas suchs as banking, e-government, transport, logical and physical access and objects identification and traceability-.

Partnering in this new venture with the Mobile World Capital, MobileKnowledge provide their services offering on a world-wide basis from their main office in Barcelona. Learn more about them through this interview with their Founder and CEO, Pedro Martínez

More info at Mobile World Capital

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