Learn about FiRa Point-and-Trigger control and experience it through our MK UWB Kit Mobile Edition 2.0.

Point-and-trigger control lets you point your UWB-enabled device – like a smartphone or a smartwatch – toward another UWB-enabled connected home device and trigger commands.

The MK UWB Kit Mobile Edition 2.0 allows you to experience the Point-and-Trigger use case from any UWB enabled mobile device.

The Point and Trigger demo demonstrates how to use spatial-awareness enabled by UWB to control home appliances from the mobile phone just by pointing to the desired accessory. Thanks to accurate distance and AoA measurements enabled by UWB technology, the user only needs to point to the home appliance to be controlled, and the MK UWB Connect application will display on the screen the appropriate controls for the user to trigger the desired operations.

Watch Fira’s presentation video here.

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