Get our EMV PCD L1 Type Approval best practices document where we provide detailed guidance and recommendation on how the contactless antenna in Point of Sale devices should be designed in order to be compliant with the EMV PCD L1 approval process

This document provides key insights and best practices to accelerate your time to market and avoid never ending debugging processes when trying to meet EMV PCD L1 Type Approval for your Point of Sales devices. Fill in the form at the end of the page to obtain the document.
See below the table of contents of the document and request it for free to learn and gain insights regarding the best practices and MobileKnowledge recommendations.

  • Introduction to EMV
  • Acceptance device type approval process
    • PCD L1 approval process
    • Towards EMV 3.0 implementation
    • EMV Test environment
    • Differences between EMV Contactless specifications 2.6b and 3.0
  • PoS design best practices for an optimum RF design
    • Antenna recommendations
    • Device stack up recommendations
    • Matching circuit recommendations
    • EMVCo Contactless Symbol implementation
    • Signal availability for debugging (IC specific)
    • Recommended registry availability for debugging (IC specific)
    • Summary of best practices
  • Recommended steps for a first-time succesful PoS design

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