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The Secure Services Development Platform is a set of hardware and software tools, source code, use cases, documentation and support to facilitate the deployment of secure element-based services


To simplify the access to Secure Element technology for Service Providers and reduce the management and operation costs for OEMs.


MobileKnowledge has developed the SSDP Connected Device kit to enable wearable manufacturers and service providers to evaluate the adoption of secure NFC technology into wearable devices and simplify the deployment of NFC services.

Using NXP’s innovative Secure Element Management Service and MIFARE® Open Platform features and the Connected Device as a proof of concept hardware platform, MobileKnowledge has developed a set of demonstrative use cases around payment, hospitality, transport and loyalty cards. This implies the development of iOS and Android-based mobile applications to manage the Connected Device, the implementation of the backend to support these use cases and the methodologies to manage the Secure Element available in the Connected Device. A complete set of software and documentation is provided in the SSDP Connected Device kit.

To successfully complete these project activities and tasks related to hardware and software, we have been carried out:

  • Testing and optimization of the Connected Device proof of concept Hardware
  • Development, testing and validation of the Connected Device firmware
  • Development of the Connected Device Demo application both for Android and iOS platforms
  • Development of the SSDP PC application to support the different use cases
  • Generation of the required documentation to support the SSDP Connected Device Kit

We have distributed more than 40 Connected Device SSDP Kits to over 25 different companies. The kit serves as the main development platform for adopting secure NFC technology among wearable manufacturers. You can experience this innovative technology by ordering SSDP Connected Device kit from MobileKnowledge.

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The Mobile World Congress took place in Barcelona, Spain from February 24th to 27th.  In the course of this important event, Pedro Martinez, CEO of MobileKnowledge, was interviewed by TV3, the Catalan national television station.

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