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A set of hardware, software tools and documentation to prototype your idea and accelerate the time to market of your new UWB-based solution

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Product brief

The year 2019 has seen two big organizations going public: FIRA and UWB alliance, both seeking to standardize how chips, phones and devices communicate with each other in order to maximize UWB interoperability.
Many big corporations are investing a lot of money in UWB: manufacturers of smartphones, cars, consumer electronics and chips, among others.
As an example of this accelerating take off, Apple included UWB in its iPhone 11 launch in Sep. 2019, Volkswagen introduced UWB on ID.3 and Golf models in Dec. 2019, and, more recently, Samsung announced is UWB powered Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Adding UWB technology to your device requires expertise and knowledge. With our MK UWB Kit, we offer a packaged and structured approach to minimize your effort in building your selected UWB device and application.

The MK UWB Kit is a comprehensive set of hardware and software tools, and documentation to prototype your idea and accelerate the time to market for your new UWB-based solution.

Experience the UWB technology with ready-to-run demonstration apps, development boards and SW libraries to start developing your own UWB application with minimum effort

Any additional support from MobileKnowledge in connection to the MK UWB Kit is not included in the price of the kit. Any required support shall be subject to a specific and separate agreement with MobileKnowledge under the section “MK Services"


Autonomous, battery-powered UWB device that features NXP's UWB chipset and a BLE-enabled microcontroller, enabling all kinds of tracking and localization use cases.

UWB Module

Compact UWB transceiver based on NXP’s UWB chipset SR1XXT. It supports multiple RF configurations with off-board components, allowing a flexible front-end design.
It allows a quick integration of UWB capabilities into any design by using it as a component.

UWB Shield

Flexible platform to develop customized UWB systems. As the central part of the UWB Kit, it is used as the interface between the UWB module and external devices. It can also be plugged to other development boards thanks to its Arduino-compatible expansion headers.

Antenna board + UWB Module
Antenna board with RF connectors

UWB Antenna boards

UWB Module compatible PCBs which allow both the use of alternative UWB antennas and RF frontend, with an easy connection to the UWB Shield.

Two antenna boards are included in the UWB Kit:

  • Antenna board + UWB Module: Ready-to-use solution that features two SMD antennas, enabling 2D AoA reading.
  • Antenna board with RF connectors: Allows the use of alternative UWB antennas via its dedicated UFL connectors.

Besides the hardware components described, the UWB Kit also comes with a USB drive containing software and documentation resources.

Software materials

The UWB Android SDK allows enabling and developing UWB applications for Android devices. It allows controlling the UWB Tag through BLE and emulate UWB function of a mobile when connected to the UWB development board.

The Device SDK is the software package that allows enabling and developing applications for devices integrating UWB module. It is built on top of the NXP SW package and provide access to specific logic and commands to personalize the application.

Demonstrative FW and Android applications built on top of the Mobile and Device SDK


Full set of documents to help you experience the UWB technology using off-the-shelf demo applications included in the kit and use the development platform and libraries to create your own applications.

  • UWB Kit Quick Start Guide
  • UWB Module datasheet
  • UWB Shield User Guide
  • UWB Android app User Manual
  • UWB Device SDK Guide
  • UWB Mobile SDK Guide

Build your own UWB solution

MK UWB Kit Evaluation: Evaluate MK UWB Kit demonstrative applications, and identify the key technologies involved.
Get to know the UWB capabilities in less than a blink of an eye with our demos and test applications.

MK UWB Kit Development: Customize your firmware or mobile application. Integrate new hardware or peripherals using MK UWB Kit development board.
The UWB Kit comes with a complete development set to ease the integration and testing of the UWB Tag and UWB module into your own solution.

Access to MK Services: Accelerate further your time to market by getting support from MK in the design and development of your solution.

  • Development and customization of antenna boards. Improve the RF performance of your solution with the right tools and expert support
  • Porting of SDK into a specific MCU platform
  • Specific HW development based on specification. Knowledge and experience to help you design robust, secure, and reliable systems.
  • Support integration of SE
  • Performance enhancement with calibration methods and sensor fusion
  • UWB use case development: FW, mobile application and back-end solutions


MobileKnowledge is a team of HW, SW and system engineers, experts in smart, connected, and secure technologies for the Mobile and IoT worlds. We are your ideal engineering consultant for any specific support in connection with your IoT, UWB and NFC developments. We design and develop secure HW systems, embedded FW, mobile phone and secure cloud applications.

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MK UWB Kit – Secure UWB for your IoT solution

MobileKnowledge is pleased to announce the release of the MK UWB Kit, a set of hardware, software tools and documentation to prototype your idea and accelerate the time to market of your new UWB-based solution.

MK UWB Kit – video demo

Secure UWB for your IoT solution

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