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We provide an Exclusive Online Training, including theory and hands-on exercises to master the content available in the kit and enable you to quickly focus on your applications

This training is divided into 4 online sessions with multiple sections. You can access the training videos by clicking on the session name.

Here is an overview of each session’s content:

  • Session 1- MK UWB Kit SR150/SR040 introduction: We introduce the UWB technology and cover how it works. We also present some interesting use cases. Then we go into the Trimension line of products from NXP for IoT and UWB technologies, and their architecture. At the end, we introduce the MK UWB Kit.
  • Session 2 – Hands-on with MK UWB Kit: First, we offer a bring up with your smartphone to run the included distance alert and tracker use cases. Then, we get hands-on setting up the toolchain and installing the required software components to develop with it. We go through the distance alert and tracker use cases in more detail, covering how it works and doing a hands-on session.
  • Session 3 – How to develop your own solution using MK UWB Kit components: We give an overview of the MK UWB SDK and then go on to cover how to develop your own application for the SR150 and SR040.
  • Session 4 – How to integrate MK UWB Kit components to your own system: First we show how to connect an external host through two different options. Then, we discuss the hardware architecture used and explain how to use the TLV protocol to drive the MK UWB SDK from an external host. Finally, we show how to port the MK UWB SDK to the host controller of your choice, detailing jumper configurations and pinouts.

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