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Need help choosing an NFC tag? We'll help you decide

NFC Tags

The entire planet is moving towards a fully digital immersive experience. NFC tags will soon be just about everywhere, letting you tap your way across your newly digitized world and have instant access to information about products, services, landmarks and even people. All thanks to NFC technology and the smart tags that work with NFC. When it comes to the potential uses of NFC tags, there are no limits.

We specialize in NFC and RFID solutions. We study the information you give us and come up with the optimal solution for your application. We support you through the solution development phase, through the pilot phase of the project and in the development of customized products.

Our knowledge of the latest NFC tag trends helps you choose the right solution. From analysis to implementation, we guide and assist you through all project phases.

The requirements of every project and every client are unique. We’re ready to answer your questions and respond to your needs.

We help you to:

  • Choose the right tag technology
  • Personalize and encode your NFC tags
  • Develop tailored NFC-based software applications for laptops, phones or tablets
  • Design the antenna coil embedded in the NFC tag

NFC tags are programmed with just about any sort of information and then plopped into almost any product, allowing you to communicate with a smartphone or another NFC-enabled device.

We work closely with NXP, the #1 Global Identification leader in RFID & NFC-integrated circuits. We maintain regular contact with both the world’s number one supplier and our clients, so we react proactively in anticipation of forthcoming product upgrades and the latest industry innovations.

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