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A set of hardware, software tools, source code, and documentation to facilitate the deployment of secure NFC services in wearables and portable devices

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As more and more people own sophisticated wearables and portable devices, both manufacturers and consumers are looking for new types of applications. Robust security is key in protecting the end-user against fraud and security breaches. The secure element (SE) is the only solution which offers a tamper resistant hardware platform, capable of securely hosting sensitive applications.

Historically, it has been cumbersome to scale the deployment of services on secure elements due to the complex business models, interdependencies and relationships to be established between the many stakeholders involved in the ecosystem. As a result, there was limited success.

The Connected device SSDP kit is a complete demonstration tool helping you to simplify, scale and quickly develop security-sensitive applications that leverage on the secure element.

The Connected device Secure Service Development Platform (SSDP) kit reference design is based on the NXP’s PN66T solution, a microcontroller, a BLE chip and a battery. It includes the hardware tools and software blocks that enable application developers to quickly start building applications that leverage the PN66Ts secure element. It also contains example industry use-cases for payment, access, ticketing and loyalty.

Now you can create new secure applications quickly, easily and dynamically by removing the secure element management complexity. Your deployment is now affordable and scalable!

With this reference platform, developers are able to test and validate their own secure applications on a wearable wristband form factor. Now, instead of taking months, new applications can be created and validated in a matter of weeks, accelerating time to market.

Connected Device SSDP Kit

Your way of making secure NFC wearables!

Hardware components:

  • Two connected devices
  • Pegoda contactless reader
  • USB drive

Software components:

  • Android application
  • SSDP PC app
  • SSDP software tools

…and plenty of documentation!

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